Specific Dances

Hooked on one specific Ballroom or Latin dance or just wanting to practice your weakest dance? Then this section is just for you: choose from CDs focusing on one single dance in the Ballroom or Latin category.

Waltz/Viennese Waltz

Originating from Vienna in the early 1800s and at the time considered inappropriate and scandelous for the close "intimate" body contact, the Waltz is probably the oldest and most traditional of all of the Ballroom dances. So if you are a lover of this romantic rhythm then this section is for you. Choose from a wide variety of CDs dedicated to just the Waltz.
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Originating from Argentina, the Tango came to Europe in the early 1920s and was embraced as a test dance in our Ballroom section. The more original and authentic dance form continues in the special genre Tango Argentine.  This section features only dance CDs dedicated to this characteristic dance.
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Foxtrot is rightly regarded as the technically most challenging Ballroom dance. So if you wish get your feather step finally right or simply enjoy listening to the smoothing tunes, choose one of these listed CDs featuring the classic Foxtrot only.
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The Charleston, the 2-step and similar rhythms took the European Ballrooms by storm in the 1930s. It was the Quick Step that eventually established itself as a regular test dance in the Ballroom category. So get inspired from CDs featuring only this scintillating fast tempo dance music.  
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Cha Cha Cha

In a party mood or wishing to leave a lasting impression on the judges on your first test dance in the Latin American competitions? All CDs in this section focus on Cha Cha only.
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In the Carnival mood and wishing you were in Rio or simply needing to practice and improve your dance performance? Then you will love this category which only features sizzling Sambas.
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Originating from Cuba, hence often referred to as the Cuban Rumba, this is probably the most favoured dance of all Latin American dances. Its slowness of rhythm allows for greater expression and story telling - the male and female interplay of seduction. So to perfect your Rumba walk and to get the "Cucharaca" finally right, choose from our selection of Rumba only CDs.
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Paso Doble

Choose from a variety of CDs featuring only authentic Paso Doble music. Originating in Spain and different in character and technique to other Latin dances, it needs equal attention and practice.
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US soldiers stationed in Europe brought the Jitterbug, the Jive and similar rhythms to the continent. But it was the Jive that was finally embraced as the fifth dance in the Latin category. So for a high octane dance and practice, choose from a variety of CDs featuring strict tempo Jives only.
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