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At DSI London you will find a wide selection of high quality four way stretch fabrics for dance along with the basic essential non stretch fabrics. The four way full stretch is absolutely crucial for any dance and stage performance garment to ensure freedom of movement, while giving a secure fit. Only the comfort of a fully stretchable and elastic leotard will make you feel fabulous. All DSI dance fabrics have a lycra or elastine content to ensure this desired stretch and flexibility. 

Our DSI Lycra is sourced from Italy and sets the benchmark for lycra, a standard in the dance industry.The superb quality of our authentic DSI dance crepe remains unmatched, no copy comes close to the original feel and drapability. Available in over 30 DSI matching colours, our DSI practice wear and premium made to order garments are made of this original unrivalled crepe. The DSI London mesh, also known as stretch net or elastic tulle, is high quality and ideally suited for leotards and sleeves. We are fully committed to providing an exact colour match between our dance fabrics. We have commission dyed our smooth velvet to match every DSI colour perfectly, it is unparalleled for its colour intensity and vibrancy. 

Burnt out velvet is the latest trend in the dance world and our new designs Vogue and Temptation create a real stir on the dance floor. The see through look and intense colour combination makes burnt out velvet very striking whilst having a very sensual feel. Our dance fabrics like crushed velvetmatrixDanceflowVenus and prints feature a perfect bi elastic flexibility.


Appropriately described as a cross between Haute Couture and swim wear, nearly every dance costume, however glamorous on the outside, consists of a two way stretch lycra base leotard. This is to allow for movement and ensures a comfortable and secure fit. Our DSI dance lycra, sourced from Italy, has all the perfect attributes for such perfectly fitting leotard, and is seen as the benchmark for all lycra quality. Available in over 40 visually stunning colours, our lycra is perfectly colour coordinated to all our base dance fabrics.
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Stretch mesh, also referred to as stretch net or elastic tulle, is one of the most versatile and commonly used fabric for dance and stage. It's true 4-way stretch feature ensures utter comfort and a secure fit for any dance performance. The revealing see through property of the mesh makes this dance fabric very desirable. Commonly used in double layer as a base for a leotard or a single layer for sleeves, there really is no limit to creativity with our stretch mesh.  Our DSI mesh is made in Austria and is the highest quality performance stretch net in the dance market. Its recovery capacity is remarkable ensuring a secure fit, wear after wear. As with all our essential dance fabrics, our elastic tulle is commission dyed to ensure a perfect colour match to all our DSI colours. So choose from a colour vibrant spectrum of over 40 brilliantly bright colours.
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We are proud and delighted to announce that the authentic, original dance crepe is now only available from DSI London!   Nothing is quite as versatile as our crepe, which makes it ideal for dancewear and a truly essential ingredient. It is beautiful to dance in and ethereal in its effect.   Made in Italy, this exquisite fabric is well loved by dancers across the globe and many have tried to imitate it. Soft and flowing, it is virtually crease-free, with the perfect drape.   If youwant  to fully appreciate the richness of our colour palette, contact us for a free sample. We offer not only the standard colours, but a full range of shades.
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Smooth Velvet

No other fabric says luxury than smooth velvet. It virtually oozes royalty and it's three dimensional texture creates a depth and intensity of colour. It's sensual feel and sublime sheen ensures smooth velvet remaind a mainstay of dance Fashion. Embracing the ever lasting appeal, we offer a wide range of colours in smooth velvet, most of them commissioned dyed to ensure a perfect match to our DSI colours. Never compromising on the top quality of any of our dance fabric, our smooth velvet is made in Italy and is simply the best. Ask for a sample to convince yourself of the amazing features and properties of this unrivalled fabric.
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Crushed Velvet

Crushed velvet velour is a 4 way stretch fabric ideally suited for Ballroom & Latin dance, gymnastic, stage and ice skating costumes. The most common use of this superb quality velvet is for leotards of any dance costume. Its full elasticity guarantees comfortable and secure wear. The three dimension texture of the velour velvet ensures unrivalled colour depth and brilliance. In the Ballroom dance world, our crushed velvet is mostly used for Latin dresses and matching men's Latin shirts. Committed to providing only the highest quality dance fabrics, our stretch crushed velvet is sourced from Italy, setting the benchmark for any velour standard. Choose from a kaleidoscope of over 20 visually stunning colours including flourescent shades.
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Burn-Out Velvets

By popular demand, our baroque design for our velvet on mesh is now available in burnt out velvet. This superior fabric is adaptable and versatile, superb not only for designs for men but also for the lady who loves drama in her look. The soft velvet with a sheer background creates a luxurious finish. Our new fabric, Temptation is unique with the royalty of smooth velvet combined with the  sheer fabric. Animal print inspired, it is an elegant fabric that is suitable for ladies and men, truly unisex in every way, ideal for that all important partner look. It is a two way stretch fabric, durable and available in black and DSI Flamenco red. We have a few different designs of burnt out velvet as part of our limited collection. Vogue burnt out velvet made its debut in our 2015/16 practise wear collection. Its popularity, versatility, durability and unisex design were compelling reasons to include Vogue into our regular fabric collection, now offering fiery flamenco, timeless hematite, gracious sapphire and classic black from stock. Contact our sales team for samples, while stocks last.
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Other Stretch Fabrics

DSI London offers a variety of stretch fabrics suited to any form of dance. Our Venus, has a stretch qualiity somewhere between DSI dance crepe and Angelskin, feels great against the skin and is easy to drape. Danceflow decribes the nature of this 4 way stretch dance fabric perfectly, as simply flowing with every dance move. Our Powernet is a firmer variation of our mesh to ensure a tighter and even more secure fit and to enhance your silhoutte. The DSI fishnet fabric is a mesh alternative with a wider grid, resembling the texture of fishnet tights. Our stretch Matrix widens the grid of the mesh to stunning effect. Available in fluo colours and as print patterns. For other stretch dance fabrics please visit our website on or contact us on 0208 664 8188.
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