Not only diamonds, but also crystals are a girls best friend. We at DSI London stock the majority of the most suitable Swarovski rhinestones for our Ballroom Dance World: the top quality Xirius crystals are available in SS12, SS16, SS20, SS30 in the most popular colours like Crystal AB, Crystal, Sapphire, Sapphire AB, Cobalt, Bermuda blue, Light Siam, Fire Opal. We also stock all Sew-on stones articles in flat back, notably the Circle, Square, Oval, Teardrop, Eye, Cosmic and Triangle sew on shapes. All these sew on Jewellery rhinestones are available in Crystal AB and Crystal. Committing to a special order we are delighted to offer the 3230 Teardrop Sew on stone in both sizes in Light Siam, Bermuda blue and a Cobalt as a DSI exclusive. Thanks to our excellent connection with Swarovski we would be able to obtain any regular stock item from the Swarovski collection with one week. Our connection to this world famous brand extends also to our mans wear range. Our most exclusive and visually stunning dress studs and cuff links are made of crystals from Swarovski. Take a look at our mens wear formal range and check out our Chessboard and Galaxy cuff links.

Sew-on Stones

DSI London stocks a selective range of Swarovski flat back sew on stones in all popular colours, notably Crystal AB and crystals and in sizes most appropriate for Ballroom and Latin dresses. All sizes and all colours of the Swarovski Jewellery sew on stones range can be obtained on demand and will take approx. 5 days from order to arrive. The 3200 Circle sew on rhinestones we stock in 12mm and 14mm in crystal AB, Crystals, Golden Shadow, Jet, Jet Hematite, Light Topaz, Lights Siam and Rose Gold. in the 16mm and 18mm only Crystal AB and Crystal are available from Swarovski. We also stock Art 3240 Square, Art. 3250 Rectangle, Art. 3210 Oval, Art. 3223 Eye, Art, 3265 Cosmic, Art.3270 Triangle and best selling Art. 3230 Teardrop sew on stones. All these Swarovski sew on crystals are available in Crystal AB (Aurora Boreal) and Crystals and selected colours like jet, Golden Shadow, Transmission. Light Siam and Cobalt. The most popular 3230 Teardrop sew on crystal from Swarovski is exclusively available to DSI London as special order in cobalt, Bermuda blue and Light siam.
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