Our lace adds another dimensional touch to any Dance Dress.

DSI London sources all their laces from the origin of guipure lace development, central Europe. All our wide laces, lace ribbons and lace pairs are of highest quality and made in Austria. The floral and abstract pattern of the laces are designed for an easy cut-out, optimum usage and versatile application. The wide lace still represents best value for money as every centimetre of these 60cm wide laces can be utilised. Our lace ribbon can be used to create striking designs, especially when cut into smaller pieces and then applied. This versatility of application has fast tracked our ribbon laces to best sellers. On most popular designs are the beautiful Lolita, Nadine and our iconic Sabrina lace ribbon, between them they cover every DSI London colour. 

Lace pairs are ideally suited for symmetrical application to give a classic balanced look. We offer a wide variety of floral lace pairs like Maria, Sophia and Laura and abstract lace pairs like Sonia, Serena and Lisa.

The design patterns of some of our most popular stretch laces are replicated in guipure lace to provide more options: Lola stretch lace is identical in design as the Lolita guipure lace, Rose lace ribbon follows the design of our iconic Spanish Rose. Our Lily stetch lace inspired the Lilia lace ribbon.

Wide Laces

Austrian laces add a glamorous touch to any dance costume. Committed to providing only the most sophisticated dance fabrics, all our guipure laces come from Austria and are commission dyed to ensure a perfect match to our DSI colours. Wide guipure laces still provide the best value for money ratio for its 60m width. All patterns are designed to allow easy cut-out and total usage. In Julia and Gina we offer a net resembling pattern, Diana, Elise, Emma, Olivia and Grace lace feature a floral pattern, while Bridget and Elena lace will bring a celebratory swirl to every dance performance. Every DSI lace is produced in at least one DSI colour, so we cater for a full and complete colour spectrum in wide laces.
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Ribbon Laces

For adaptibility and ease of use, lace ribbons are the most popular guipure options in our Ballroom dance fashion. All DSI lace ribbons are made in Austria and dyed to ensure a perfect colour match to all DSI colours. Our opulently shimmering gold and silver metallic lace ribbons will allow for a sparkling performance. Of all guipure options, our iconic 1840 Sabrina lace ribbon remains the best selling guipure lace in our world of dance. Going strong for over 20 years, Sabrina is available in every DSI colour. 1845 Nadine lace ribbon is easy to work with and hugely versatile, featuring a mirror sided repetitive pattern. To take off any stress from the designers in their creative process concerning colour availability, Nadine lace ribbon comes in every DSI colour. Swirly 1840 Lolita lace ribbon adds dynamic to every design and features in most DSI colour. Our 1512 Lola stretch lace is inspired by Lolita lace to add another design dimension to your creativity. We also offer "leafy" 1801 Lucy, Spanish rose inspired 1802 Rosa, intricate 1805 Emily, abstract 1806 Amy, bold 1810 Holly, buoyant 1811 Claire, Jugendstil inspired 1813 Adele, floral 1815 Emma and stretch lace pattern Desire inspired Daniella lace ribbons. All our Austrian lace ribbons are 100% polyester.
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Lace Pairs

Applying the right and the left side of lace pairs symmetrically will ensure a harmonious and balanced look. As with our other laces, all our lace pairs are of highest quality and come from Austria, the home land of guipure laces. The 100% Polyester content allows a perfect colour match with all our DSI colours, while a 66% Polyamide and 34% metallic fibres composition ensures the sheen for our silver, copper and gold metallic lace pairs. Abstract patterns lend their appeal equally for men and ladies and include swirly 1929 Serena, geometrical 1906 Mona, perfectly Flamenco and Tango suitable 1907 Lisa and leafy Sonia lace pairs. Floral inspired patterns like 1901 Sophia, bold 1970 Clara, intricate 1901 Laura and versatile Maria lace pairs will always add a touch of flair to every dance dress. The pattern of curly 1903 Laura was specifically designed with Jewellery sew on stones application in mind.
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