9438 The GEM Dance from a Different Perspective

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G.E.M.  is an abbreviation for the Greten Equation Movement. This is a holistic approach for dance in all the dance forms and facets.

The GEM method has been tried and tested by a group of International celebrities in the dance world. GEM is proven to be a valuable theory of movement skliis, the possibilities with the GEM method are limitless and open for everyone.   

The method to shift the way you look at dance: - Increase the awareness of your own movements and how these movements are placed in space and time. - recognise and analyse the Form, Expression and Dynamic (F.E.D.) in dance. - manipulate the repeated patterns in your dance. - use your personality to create a choreography or dance. - how to recognise your movement from ‘FORM A to FORM B’ - as long as dancers, teachers and choreographers use the same GEM terminology, one can prevent discussions and the mutual set goal is reached quicker. - the use of the F.E.D.-elements differs per person. This makes The G.E.M. Method in dance so unique and usable for all choreographers, teachers and dancers. Ton Greten is a movement designer: He has over 35 years of experience in dance and has developed THE G.E.M. METHOD. This method allows you to analyze movements and develop your own style and personality in your dance. Ton Greten is one of the world’s most sought-after choreographers because of his creative mind and open approach. He has decades of experience as an international professional dancer, adjudicator, teacher and choreographer. He works worldwide with dancers who use his method with great success. Furthermore, he created 7 CD’s named: “Rhythm to result”.

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