9150 Music Was My First Love

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by Oliver Wessel-Therhorn

"A fitting tribute to Oliver who sadly passed away after his long battle against cancer on the 12 November, 2010."
Having spoken with many of the world’s most gifted Ballroom Dancers (past and present) I am often amazed by how little they understand the basics of music with regard to form and structure, and even less about the key elements within the music that would surely enhance each performance were they to know what to listen for.
To have great timing and technique, footwork and floorcraft, poise, posture and balance is one thing; to be able to dance musically is a whole different ball game.
Listening seems so underrated. Here Oliver gives us an insight of his “First Love” and how (amongst other things), his immersion in music helped shape his incredible success on the dancefloor. Enjoy!
Ashley Frohlick - Musical Director – Empress Orchestra

Also available in German.

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