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Stand out from the crowd with authentic DSI branded promotional products. Relax between rounds in style with the DSI London tracksuits and the DSI Kimonos for ladies and men. First exclusively available only to our DSI Elite Performers, these DSI dressing gowns and robes appeal to all aspiring dancers and are available in all children, junior, ladies and men sizes. Keep you dancing costumes safe and pristine in our stylish DSI holdall or in a specifically designed DSI Ballroom dress cover. Our classy DSI Latin suit cover is ideally suited to hold Latin dresses or any manswear garment. Keep dancing with our DSI shoe bag or Luxury shoe bag, which is sufficiently big enough to hold a DSI towel. Paying attention to every detail and to complete your entire DSI look don't forget your DSI slippers to give your tired feet a deserved rest.

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