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Topline Frame

Revolutionary training aid to help achieve the perfect topline TopLine Dance Frame can improve your dancing when used regularly during practice and tuition. It is suitable for dancers of all ages and sizes. It is designed to develop muscle memory, promote full body rotation and enhance the upper-body shape. For correct fitting, the curves of the neck section should sit over the trapezium muscles of the shoulders, which ensures that the frame is angled down the back/neck area. The end sections should pass under the arms at the mid-point between elbow and armpit and be parallel to the floor. When viewed from the front the frame should align just below the tie knot. Please note that your height, chest measurement and collar size may affect your choice of frame (especially Large). If you are unsure, please email us at info@dsi-london.com or call 0208 664 8188 for additional assistance. TopLine Dance Frame offers: • Enhanced upper body shape • Modular construction – light & easy to carry • Adjustable for custom fitting • Suitable for both male & female dancers

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