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This is your chance to reach dedicated customers worldwide with your brand!

Since 2012 DSI TV has covered all of the major championships here in the UK, as well as many more throughout the world, providing live coverage to thousands of dancers, both social and competitive, in almost every country on the planet.

To promote your brand on DSI TV we offer the following three options:

1  Simple 10-second still advert: Price £360*

2   30 to 45-second commercial: Price £720*

These promotional clips will be shown at least 4 times a day within the live streaming for 9 days from Thursday 24th May to Friday 2nd June, so guaranteeing at least 36 screenings for the duration of the festival.

Special rates are available for customers committing to the International Championships and the UK Championships at the same time.


We will create a special daytime programme for each day showing highlights of the previous day as well as current live events and interviews raising excitement for the evening to come. This special programme will uploaded on YouTube and will be promoted through the DSI network and any other social media. As it will be free to view, we expect this edit to reach tens of thousands of people, probably more. As a sponsor of the day we will show your logo for the duration of the clip and will visit you for a few minutes on your stand for you to showcase your products and promote your company as you deem fit. If you do not attend the festival, we can use your provided commercial and conduct an interview with a nominated person representing the brand.

The rates vary from £500 - £2000 depending on the day and we will allocate space according to a first-come basis. If any of the above options sound interesting, please contact Martin@dsi-london.com

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Martin Cutler

DSI TV Commercial Executive

* + VAT if applicable

The Courtyard, Aurelia Road, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 3BF

Contact: Martin Cutler on +44 (0)121 708 0609 martin@dsi-london.com    dsitv@dsi-london.com   www.dsi-london.tv

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